Visit the Sign Up Genius Now!

Willard Elementary School has a wonderful and robust list of volunteers.  Thank you to those who contribute time and talent so that our school works better for our students, teachers and families.

Thinking about joining us? We recognize that it’s not an easy decision. But it’s a worthwhile one. We have an incredibly vibrant and strong PTO and that’s why we need fresh voices and ideas. So consider where your talents and skills might make an impact. And as you consider whether or not to volunteer, consider these reasons to volunteer:

It’s not as much time as you think (we promise).
The biggest misconception is that you’ll be overwhelmed and never have enough time to get it all done. We guarantee that’s not true. In fact, it’s very, very manageable — even for working or busy parents (most of us are working & busy parents too). Over the course of a school year, most volunteers need to put in less than an hour a week. But the benefits of that time are immeasurable (we promise).

You’ll make an impact.
From behind the scenes fundraising to planning and executing marquee events – every role on the PTO is given incredible opportunities to make an impact on the students and community.

You’ll be a part of something amazing.
The Willard community is something truly inspiring and amazing. The partnership of parents, PTO, staff and educators is the envy of other schools. As a member of the PTO, you get to be a part of this incredible community creating a thriving educational atmosphere.

It’s social and fun.
It’s not all work. You’ll have the chance to get to know other parents, expanding your social circle and making new friends. Even when there’s work to do, it’s some of the more fun work you’ll ever do.

If you’re interested, contact Elizabeth Stoker or check out the Willard Signup Genius.