Belongingness Committee

Belongingness and Inclusion Committee

This is a committee dedicated to the diversity, equity, and inclusion in not only the Willard Community, but also the wider River Forest Community. The committee collaborates with Janiece Millon, the Willard teacher who heads the faculty Belongingness and Inclusion committee at Willard. The committee should have two co-chairs, with opportunities for a larger committee to participate and help create opportunities for education and celebration of the Belongingness and Inclusion, throughout the school year.

For more information about the committee or if you’d like to get involved, contact Megan Hodge.

Community Resources

An inclusive community is fostered when each of us feels both the sense of belongingness and of uniqueness. In other words, when we feel seen, respected, welcomed and valued for our authentic selves.

Training from Right to Be – May 6, 2021

ONGOING LEARNING & ACTION: Belongingness Resource Guide (recommended books | podcasts | articles | programing)

1.27 Willard Family Belongingness Forum Presentation


Belongingness committee activities take place throughout the school year.


Megan Hodge, Chair

Ingrid Payne

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