Open PTO Positions

Open Positions for the 2017/2018 School Year

We recognize that it’s not an easy decision. But it’s a worthwhile one. We have an incredibly vibrant and strong PTO and that’s why we need fresh voices and ideas. So consider where your talents and skills might make an impact. And as you consider whether or not to volunteer, consider these reasons to volunteer:

  • It’s not as much time as you think (we promise). The biggest misconception is that you’ll be overwhelmed and never have enough time to get it all done. We guarantee that’s not true. In fact, it’s very, very manageable — even for working or busy parents (most of us are working & busy parents too). Over the course of a school year, most volunteers need to put in less than an hour a week. But the benefits of that time are immeasurable (we promise).
  • You’ll make an impact. From behind the scenes fundraising to planning and executing marquee events – every role on the PTO is given incredible opportunities to make an impact on the students and community.
  • You’ll be a part of something amazing. The Willard community is something truly inspiring and amazing. The partnership of parents, PTO, staff and educators is the envy of other schools. As a member of the PTO, you get to be a part of this incredible community creating a thriving educational atmosphere.
  • It’s social and fun. It’s not all work. You’ll have the chance to get to know other parents, expanding your social circle and making new friends. Even when there’s work to do, it’s some of the more fun work you’ll ever do.

If you think you want to help or want to know more about the openings, find out what sort of time commitment is required, or just learn what life is like on the PTO (spoiler alert: it’s epic), reach out to a member of the Nominating Committee.

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Community Activities:

Hospitality –  need 2 to join existing committee

This important committee arranges two catered dinners for the teachers during Parent/Teacher Conferences – one in the fall and one in the spring. They also coordinate two potlucks for the teachers during the holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week. For these two lunches, parents volunteer to bring in dishes for the teachers and the committee works to ensure a balanced, fun lunch!

Green4Good – need 2 to join existing committee

The Green4Good team is part of a larger, District 90 team who works to ensure our schools are being as “green” as possible.  This team promotes walk to school week, composting at lunch, bike safety and the Willard garden.  Be part of the larger effort to reduce our school’s footprint and ensure that we do our part to make the world a better place. Commitment varies throughout the school year – some help is needed during the school day and at other times it is simply brain power and help behind the scenes.

Kindly Wizards – need 2 to chair/run

These positions will work closely with Suzanne McLeese, the school’s social worker, to plan and execute bi-monthly lunch meetings of the 3rd & 4th grade service club, Kindly Wizards. Students come together to learn about important world and local issues such as hunger, Veterans support, kindness, etc. They do activities, have guest speakers and work together to make the Willard community a better place.  Come up with your own ideas or follow what’s been done in the past.  It’s up to you!

Yearbook – need one from Second and Third Grades

This team takes the photos for and assembles the wildly popular Willard Yearbook. Help capture memories for all the kids and design a wonderful keepsake for them. Looking for one representative from each grade to help coordinate photos and pages of the book. Book goes to print in March, so job is continuous from September through then.


Dance Night – two to chair

This fun school-wide event brings all the kids together to shake a leg to the sounds of a great DJ who spices things up with dance activities, contests and the like.  Chairs will create a theme for the night, coordinate a raffle, raise money through night-of sales (glow bracelets, etc.) and engage Ms. Wood for a fun activity (tape her to the wall, etc.).  Full autonomy to create the event of your (or your child’s!) dreams.  Time of year is flexible…usually in the fall or winter.

Restaurant Nights – one to chair

This person coordinates fundraising nights with local restaurants where Willard families eat at a certain restaurant on a given day and time and the restaurant gives a percentage of sales to the PTO.  These nights are usually very successful with parents and turn into a fun evening where you run into many classmates while supporting the school.  Most parents enjoy the “night off” from making dinner plans and all that is involved is coordinating dates with the restaurants and then promoting to the school through the Weekly and in traditional ways with flyers, chalk on sidewalks, signs, etc.

Educational Activities:

Art Appreciation – need three

Be part of the committee that plans and prepares the parent-led Art Appreciation program. This program provides volunteer parents with the curriculum and materials to go into the classroom and teach an art lesson with an art project monthly. This committee sets the plans, ensures materials are available and provides one day of training to the volunteers.

Chess Club – two to chair

This popular club provides an opportunity for 1st – 4th graders to play chess after school for six weeks in the winter.  This program has been run either with parents only teaching the game or with the company Chess Wizards running the club (parents just coordinating from an administrative standpoint).  It’s up to the chairs to run however they want.  The program is popular and sells out each year.

FLIP – someone to co-chair with Existing Chair

Do you believe foreign language is important and essential for elementary students?  Then join our Foreign Language Immersion Program.  This important program provides exposure to culture and language in French, Italian and Spanish to 1st-4th graders either during lunch or after school. Our existing chair is looking for a co-chair to learn the ropes and eventually take over for her after next year as her youngest is leaving Willard.

4th Grade Science Club – need one 3rd grade parent to co-chair and run the following year

This popular club meets at lunchtime for six weeks in the winter. The chair is responsible for coordinating with the teacher who runs the club and makes sure they have what they need.  You also facilitate sign up, parent communication and engaging with the students while they work on their projects.  Looking for a 3rd grade parent to shadow the 4th grade parent next year and take over the Club when their child is in 4th grade the following year.

International Film Festival – need one

This fun event features the students from our FLIP classes performing songs in their instructed language, an international food fest and then a showing of a number of short international films.  There is a nominal charge to attendees for the food and the remaining portions of the event are free.  The FLIP team coordinates the performance pieces and the chairs work on the food, films and promotion.