Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear 2022/2023

Every Friday, students and staff show Willard school spirit by wearing purple. If you have Willard Wear spirit gear, great! If not, it’s OK to join the fun wearing other purple clothes. Students and staff wear all shades of purple, along with purple patterns and purple trim. There’s no requirement to play along. It’s just for fun and to build Willard community.

In 2022, Willard Spirit Wear is available through Apparel Now – allowing you to customize and order your spirit wear and accessories directly.

Please contact Meredith Maienza with any questions.

If your family needs help getting spirit wear for your child, please reach out to Mr. Tim Larkin, one of our Willard Social Workers, and he will confidentially help get your child dressed in Willard Wear.


This committee makes Willard Wizard wear available for purchase throughout the year.

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