Connect4Kids (C4K) is a PTO-sponsored group committed to advancing the principles and values of social and emotional learning for student and family success in the Willard community and beyond.

C4K began in the fall of 2012 at Lincoln Elementary school and at Willard Elementary in the fall of 2017. Both Lincoln and Willard C4K groups meet regularly to share ideas and information about the best ways to service their schools together and independently. Willard C4K is a committee invested in the education and enrichment of Social Emotional Learning concepts. This committee seeks to create experiences related to SEL topics, and be a bridge connecting parents, teachers and students to these topics as well.


Social and Emotional Learning (“SEL”) refers to the process by which children develop the skill sets involved in self awareness, social awareness, self management, relationship management and responsible decision making. These are skills that provide the foundation for school and life success.


    Willard C4K is dedicated to:

  • Providing opportunities for parents to learn about SEL topics, mostly pertaining to issues related to children and parenting through parent discussions, book discussions, guest speakers.
  • Developing SEL experiences for students, including Yoga.
  • Understanding the needs of the community to create events in which SEL topics can be addressed. We welcome suggestions from parents, teachers and students.
  • Providing access to information about SEL topics though our newsletter, Book Fair titles, helpful websites and professional speakers.
  • Work with the principal on best practices to implement SEL methods
  • Our goals include finding more ways to enhance the Social and Emotional Learning for students and parents.



Big Life Journal published two great, easy to read articles this month with tips and strategies to help children grow through productive struggle. One article explains 7 Reasons Why it’s Important to Let Your Kids Struggle and the second article outlines How to Empower Children When They Struggle. Both articles offer tips and strategies to support a Growth Mindset in your children.

It can be hard to watch a child struggle, however, as stated in the article, “If adults always step in to save children from struggle, we prevent them from reaching their full potential. It’s only through struggle that children learn to push past their comfort zone, develop persistence and problem-solving skills, and ultimately increase their capacity to reach their goals and contribute to the world.”


C4K activities take place throughout the school year.

Walking Wednesdays

Joining the C4K committee for Walking Wednesdays! Every Wednesday we walk around the Franklin Street playground at Willard before school. Join in the fun anytime between 8:00 until the bell rings (Weather permitting).

Grown ups are welcome to join in the fun and walk, hang out and chit-chat, or drop your 1st-4th grade child off early; Kindergarten & preschool students must have an adult present.


Chair: OPEN

Committee Members: Courtney Healy

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