Fun Lunch

Fun Lunch Winter/Spring 2024

You deserve a break from packing lunches and your kids deserve a fun and exciting lunch each week. The Willard PTO Fun Lunch program is here to help!

What: The PTO will offer Fun Lunch, a PTO fundraising program that offers a catered lunch to students for a fee! All lunches will be served with carrots and a Rice Krispie Treat.

Who: Lunch is available to students in Kindergarten – Grade 4 and younger students who may attend Willard for a full day.

When: Every week between January 12 – June 6 on the last day of school of the week with a lunch period (typically Friday, but there are a few weeks where Fun Lunch is on a Thursday instead). You can see the list of dates and restaurants on this page!

How: An order is required for all Fun Lunches. The ordering period for Winter/Spring has closed. There will be no further opportunities to order for the second half of the school year.

Financial scholarships are available; if you would like assistance providing Fun Lunch for your child, please contact our school social worker, Laurie Dalrymple, LSW.


In order to make Fun Lunch possible, we need your help!

We are looking for seven volunteers for each of the 21 Fun Lunch dates from January 12 – June 6, with the time commitment being a little over an hour (11 am to shortly after 12 pm). Volunteers can sign up for multiple dates, but there is a limit of four dates/lunches per volunteer.

Volunteers will work with that day’s Fun Lunch Coordinator and will be responsible for tasks such as arranging the vendor food and sides prior to lunch starting, taking student orders/collecting order cards and serving food during lunch, and cleaning up and organizing/returning order cards afterwards.

Please click here to sign up!



Fun Lunch is offered by the PTO throughout the school year.

Ordering for Winter/Spring Fun Lunches has closed. See the list of Fun Lunches to the right.


Costs vary depending on orders placed. ($6-$8/meal for 21 meals)

Scholarships are available; please contact school social worker Laurie Dalrymple for more information.


Courtney Skelton, Chair
Melissa Hanses, Chair

Meredith Maienza
Jane Norrington
Ingrid Payne

Winter/Spring 2023
Fun Lunch Calendar
Date Lunch Option
1/12 Jim & Pete’s (pizza)
1/19 Buona Beef #1
1/26 Starship (subs)
2/2 Buona Beef #2
2/9 Taco Bell
2/16 Jim & Pete’s (pizza)
2/23 Buona Beef #1
Starship (subs)
3/8 Buona Beef #2
3/15 Taco Bell
3/22 Jim & Pete’s (pizza)
4/5 Buona Beef #1
4/12 Starship (subs)
4/19 Buona Beef #2
Taco Bell
5/3 Jim & Pete’s (pizza)
5/10 Buona Beef #1
5/17 Starship (subs)
Buona Beef #2
5/31 Taco Bell
Jim & Pete’s (pizza)

Meals include carrots and Rice Krispie treats.

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