The Willard Elementary PTO is led by volunteers from among the Willard community through its executive board and supported by committee chairs and members to coordinate and execute programs, events and activities.

Executive Board

The PTO Executive Board oversees the leadership of the PTO, including management of the organization, budget and committee chairs.

Megan Seliga

Co-President - Lead

Presides over PTO meetings, manages PTO executive board and committee chairs, liaises with Willard school leadership, and sets the direction for PTO programming.

Camille McLamb


Presides over PTO meetings, manages PTO executive board and committee chairs, liaises with Willard school leadership, and sets the direction for PTO programming.

Ursula Canli


Manages PTO budget, finances and expenses.

Emily Nash


Manages PTO budget, finances and expenses.

Kathleen Luttschyn


Attends PTO meetings to take notes and manage minutes and agenda.

Hadley Lewno


Works with committee to create and distribute the Willard Wizard Weekly. Committee Members: Laura Riff, Meredith Matthews, and Courtney Coughlin

Rachel Dardis


Volunteer opportunities coordinator, including room parents. Supports volunteers and helps ensure volunteers for events, programs and more. Committee Member: Courtney Healy

Nikki Kidd


Helps maintain the PTO website and RevTrak Web Store.

Erin Dowdall

School Board Liaison

Liaison between the D90 School Board and the Willard PTO.


The committee chairs lead the committees, managing the development, communication and execution of individual program or event. They are supported by members of the committee.

PTO Program Committees


Belongingness and Inclusion
  • Chairs: Ingrid Payne, Michele Taylor
  • Committee Members: Kelly O’Keefe, Megan Seliga, Virginia Sara


Community Fundraising
  • Chair: Meredith Maienza


Family Care Committee
  • Chair: Ashley Graves


4th Grade Recognition
  • Chairs: Malika Gujrati
  • Committee Members: Paula Hoste


  • Chairs: Virginia Sara
  • Committee Members: Kelly O’Keefe


Spirit Wear
  • Chairs: Deja Von Ende, Marissa Fasano


Staff Appreciation and Hospitality
  • Chairs: Tory Anderson, Britney Beckhorn
  • Committee Members: Jen Ierardi


Welcome Wagon
  • Chair: Jane Norrington
  • Committee Members: Renee Pederson Amelia Eaton, Alana Isabel, Jillayne Benjamin


  • Chairs: Emily Brown, Megan Mackie
  • Committee Members: Jessica Rogers, Laura Vester, Michele Taylor, Kerry Lazewski, Ulana Duffield


After School Activities (Legacy Sports, SlowFire)
  • Megan Seliga


Chess Club
  • Chair: Clelita Mathole


Connect4Kids (Walking Wednesdays)
  • Chair: Open
  • Committee Members: Courtney Healy


Enrichment Programs
  • Chair: Camille McLamb


Fun Lunch
  • Chairs: Courtney Skelton, Ingrid Payne
  • Committee Members: Meredith Maienza, Jane Norrington


Outdoor Classroom
  • Chair: Anna Parks


School Pictures
  • Chair: Brenna Brown


School Supplies
  • Chair: Emily Lynchgass


Willard Running Club
  • OPEN


World Languages
  • Chair: Brenna Brown, Penny Chen


  • Open

PTO Event Committees


Back to School Picnic
  • Chairs: Megan Seliga, Camille McLamb


Pancake Breakfast
  • Chairs: Andy Woltman, Trevor Norrington
  • Committee Members: Eckow Mensah, Marc Wilson, Ryan Dardis


Family Reading Night
  • Chair: Brigette Whisnant
  • Committee Members: OPEN


  • Chairs: Amy Guralnick, Jen Ierardi


Dance Night
  • Chairs: Anne Cheronis, Liz West


Family Culture Fest
  • Chair: Megan Mulcahy
  • Committee Members: Jillayne Benjamin


Big Hearts Little Hands
  • Chair: OPEN
  • Committee Members: Paula Hoste, Amelia Eaton, Iana Isla, Meredith Maienza


Fundraising Event – 5K
  • Chairs: Amber Kardosh, Jennifer Ierardi
  • Committee Members: Amy Gurlanick, Amber Przyborowski, Meghan Mulcahy


Science Fair
  • Chair: Jacquelyn Jancius
  • Committee Members: Corina Davis, Meghan Mulcahy, Michelle Samuel


Ice Cream Social
  • Chairs: Beth Cohen, Ariane Abcarian
  • Committee Members: Jessica Rogers, Katie Hartmann, Libby Kelly, Amanda Valente, Kristen Carey
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