World Languages

World Language Introduction

We are excited to announce the return of World Languages to Willard! Language offerings this Fall will include Spanish or French in a weekly class. Arabic classes are still being explored but have not yet been confirmed.

Registration will open on September 5 and close on September 20.

The current class schedule is:

  • Class Schedule:
  • French (1st & 2nd Graders):  Tuesdays at Lunch/Recess
  • French (3rd & 4th Graders):  Thursdays at Lunch/Recess
  • Spanish (1st & 2nd Graders):  Thursdays from 3:15-4:05pm
  • Spanish (3rd & 4th Graders):  Wednesdays from 3:15-4:05pm


Willard PTO Family Cultural Fest:  Thur, April 18, from 6:00-7:30pm

  • Details TBD but will feature song performances by the World Language classes


Other Important Information

  • Class Size:
    • Each class will need a MINIMUM of (11) students to be viable and will be CAPPED at (16) students.
    • If less than (11) students register for one class, class may be canceled or combined.
  • Wait Lists:  Once registration goes live, if a class is filled, please send a note to this email address to be added to the waitlist.
    • Email:
    • The subject of your email should be:
      • WAITLIST – Spanish
      • WAITLIST – French
      • WAITLIST – Arabic
    • Parent Name
    • Parent Cell Phone Number
    • Student’s First and Last Name
    • Student’s Current Grade in Oct 2023
    • Desired Language (French, Spanish, or Arabic)
  • Languages Offered:
    • This year, we will only be offering French and Spanish.
    • There is a possibility that we may do a last minute add-on for (1) Arabic class — pending enrollment for the other (4) classes & instructor’s schedule.
    • Next year, we will try to add Arabic and/or Mandarin.
  • Cost:
    • The cost for each class will $215.00 per student for the entire year (Oct 2023-May 2024) and will include SOME supplies (workbook, notecards, ziploc bags, markers, colored pencils).
    • We will send a list of additional supplies required before Oct 3rd.


2023-24 School Year: October 3 – May 2 on D90 school days, only


Brenna Brown, Chair
Penny Chen, Chair

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