Room Parents and Social Hosts

Each year, the PTO helps coordinate the Room Parents and Social Hosts for each classroom at Willard Elementary. There are typically 5 openings for volunteers for each teacher’s class.

Room Parents

Four (4) room parent volunteers will help plan and execute three (3) classroom parties during the school year (Halloween, Winter, End of Year). The Room Parents also help organize teacher gifts (typically around Winter Break and End of Year).

One (1) parent is the designated liaison between the room parents and the classroom teacher, and all four (4) parents help coordinate the parties, take photos during the parties (or other special classroom events) and help gather optional donations for a teacher gift (and purchase of the gift or gift card).

Dates of Winter and End of Year parties are determined by the times offered by the classroom teacher, but the Halloween party typically takes place school-wide on Halloween. The parties are typically about 1 hour long during the school day, and the Room Parents typically help arrange for a snack (see approved snack list), a few games and a craft activity for students to rotate through during the party.

Being a room parent can be a relatively easy way to help support your child’s classroom and meet other parents. The time commitment is typically only a few hours of planning and prep for the parties, participation at the parties, and a few hours each semester for organizing teacher gifts, but the time is typically divided among 4 parents, so it can be even less than that!

Parent Social Hosts

A volunteer social hosts typically coordinates and hosts a social gathering at their home for parents of their child’s class and the teacher. Although any time is accepted, these adult-only parties are typically held in the fall as a way for parents to get to know other parents in their child’s class. Make it a potluck or BYO party, and ask guests bring a shareable appetizer/beverage, so everyone can contribute. Or coordinate with the social hosts for the other classes in your grade to combine parties and share the hosting duties.

Parent Socials are an excellent way to meet fellow parents in the community and interact with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year.

This role’s responsibilities are typically concluded in the fall once the party has been hosted, so it’s a great way to volunteer without a full-year commitment.


The room parents are responsible for 3 parties (Halloween, Winter and End of Year) as well as organizing teacher gifts (Winter and End of Year).

The Parent Socials are typically held in the fall.


Rachel Dardis, VP of Volunteers

Committee Members: Courtney Healy

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